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For Sale - Youngsters

Flash of Gold MHF

March 19, 2020

Gambler's Flash of Gold FF x Tango's Daisy Mae

Buckskin Sabino

Registration #22000696

Registration Link (This is pedigree of his full Brother, until we get his back.)


This young man would make a wonderful addition to anyone's family.  Sweet, smart, handsome and super gait.  Every foal by either Daisy or Gambler has been very special.  And the foals from both of them are fantastic.  Beautiful build and conformation with good size and bone.  Easy to train and very naturally gaited for a flat walk, running walk and canter or a rack if you choose that.  They are amenable and willing.  And they can learn anything you want to teach them.  I am keeping the last two from them.  Flash will be available at weaning.


Wilson's Shining Spirit


Chestnut Maximum Sabino Gelding

ee a_ Sb1Sb1

Pedigree Link

DOB: 03-18-2018

TWBEA Registration 21800995

Carbonado Bay at the Moon x Society Spice MHF

Eligible for certification with IHWHA at level 2A


Congratulations to Susan Veith of Farmville VA on the purchase of Clancy.  They looked like they were made for each other.

MHF Capt. Woodrow Call

May 1, 2019

Carbonado Bay at the Moon x Royal's Queen of Fashion

Dark Chestnut Colt (sabino?)

eea_ Sb1? test pending

Registration Link


Congratulations to Tracey and Jeff Smith of Walnut Cove, NC on the purchase of Woodrow.

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