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Gambler’s Flash of Gold FF

2008 Perlino Tennesse Walking Horse Stallion

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TWHBEA Reg # 20803323

RHBAA Reg # 1080253

Perlino Sabino  EeAACrCrSbSbn

Golden Gambler X Sara’s Threat on Mack K FF

Gambler absolutely loves to go on trail rides. He takes to work with a great go-get-em attitude and is a smooth, easy, fun ride. He has a natural head shaking walk, running walk and a fast, smooth rack. He is a real flashy eye-catcher and a wonderful trail pleasure mount and an excellent camping companion as well. He has proven to be just what we hoped.

He bred his first mares in 2011 and has been producing beautiful, sensible, well gaited and sweet sons and daughters since then.

As a double agouti perlino sabino, the following color offspring are possible:

  • With chestnut mares – 50% Palomino and 50% Buckskin
  • With black and bay mares – 0-25% Palomino, 75-100% Buckskin
  • With Palomino or Buckskin mares – 50% Palomino or Buckskin and 50% Perlino or Cremello
  • Half of all his foals will have the lit-up sabino markings as well.
  • He cannot produce smokey blacks.

His stud fee is $400. There is a $10/day mare care. LFG for 12 months from the first breeding date. Visiting mares are given the best suites available –  12 x 12-24′ stalls, some with outdoor paddocks and some with outdoor grazing as well. And lots of love and attention.

If you are interested in frozen semen for AI, please contact me for the particulars.

Carbonado Bay at the Moon


Heritage Certified Bay Sabino

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TWHBEA Reg.#21201113

DOB: May 20, 2012

NFF Echo’s Blue Moon x Society’s Myriah Lee

Frozen Semen retained and available for purchase.

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