Misty Hollow Farm

Misty Hollow Farm is located in the rolling hills of Central Virginia. We have been raising and training registered Tennessee Walking Horses for trail and show since 1994. We choose our breeding mares and stallions carefully from horses that are well under saddle and show intelligence, sweet temperaments and innate, natural 4 beat gaits. Correct conformation with good bone substance and a willing attitude must also be part of the picture. We have a lot of old time and heritage bloodlines which tend to produce these qualities. They have been used extensively on the trail and have proven to have the smart, quiet minds and smooth gaits that make for exceptional pleasure trail horses.

Beauty and color are important as well, but never at the price of gait and temperament. We handle our foals from day one with love and discipline instilling trust and respect for people. They want to be with us, look to us for leadership, and are able to handle a variety of circumstances with confidence.

We generally have weanlings, yearlings, 2, 3, and 4 year olds under saddle for sale. We occassionally will have an adult mare for sale from our broodmare herd. Most of these are great saddle/trail horses as we would not have bred them otherwise and we do continue to ride them after they start breeding. We occassionally have horses from outside for sale but most were bred, raised and trained right here.

If you would like to know more about our breeding program, or talk to us regarding any of the horses that we have for sale, feel free to CLICK HERE to contact us.

Please be aware that most of our horses that are for sale are young and in training. Consequently, their prices will change as their training proceeds and progresses. We reserve the right to make those changes at any time, as their performance warrants.

Misty Hollow Farm • Altavista, Virginia 24517
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